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Childhood Spanish home of Hilaria Baldwin to be featured on MTV Cribs


Hilaria Baldwin has a come a long way since growing up in a one-bedroom shack located in the slums of La Cañada Real, Spain. Back then, she shared the shack with her parents, 8 siblings and 5 cousins. To help make ends meet, Hilaria used to sell cucumbers for 10 cents a pound to help feed her family.


MTV will be featuring Hilaria's former home in an upcoming episode of Cribs. Currently the home is occupied by Roma gypsies, who charge 20 cents for star struck tourists to see the inside. Hilaria's family moved out after Alec Baldwin purchased Hilaria at a bride market for an undisclosed price.


Hilaria now lives in an 11.7 million dollar mansion in the East Hamptons, but she hasn't lost her perspective. Having lived in poverty for her entire childhood, this has always kept her humble. Her Spanish ethnicity is the embodiment of who she is.


Pauly Graf

On his résumé, Pauly claims to be the bastardly baby of Pauly Shore and Steffi Graf. When we asked Pauly Graf to take a lie detector, he refused, and so we hired him. Yeah, we know he doesn't check the diversity box, but wait.... Pauly identifies as being black, so we're good!