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'Guns and Roses' show actually just antique gun exhibit with woman selling roses inside.

A huge line of people stretched around the block as word spread fast that Guns N' Roses was going to be doing a surprise performace on Hollywood's Sunset Strip. For hardcore fans, $55 plus facility fee, order processing fee and tax was well worth the price. How often do you get to see a big arena act performing at a small intimate venue?

When the doors opened, fans rushed to the front of the curtain covered stage in anticipation of a concert of a lifetime. Walking the aisles and selling roses was a Latina woman who spoke in broken English "Roses? Roses? Cinco dolares por favor?". Finally, a promoter stepped up to the stage and yelled "Hello Hollywood! Get ready for guns and f**king roses!" To a roaring crowd the curtains finally opened to reveal one of the finest collections of antique guns ever put on exhibit, including civil war era handguns and long guns, 16th century muskets, as well as some 18th century British military cannons. The crown jewel of the show was the very Smith and Wesson gun that was used to kill Jesse James. It is said to be valued at about $500,000.

Refunds were given to everyone, minus facility fees and order processing fees.


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