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Atlantis Enquirer issues guidance on CDC: They are full of shit


We always knew that masks were nothing more than political theater. But when the CDC told us to keep on wearing them even after being vaccinated, we yelled bullshit. These ass clowns are full of shit and they're not even hiding it at this point. We're done listening to their 'guidance' and now we're issuing our own 'guidance. If you're vaccinated, then the pandemic is fucking over. Game over bitches! Do whatever the hell you want. That's what vaccines are for.


Bo Gus Mann

Bo is a tough guy from Brooklyn who doesn't care about anyone's feelings. If he offends you, don't even bother complaining. Due to his mob staus, we can never fire him. Bo has had many run-ins with the law and so he has learned to become a good liar. Anyway, that's why we hired him. We're fake news.