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DIVERSITY CRISIS: Our systemically sexist prison system

America is systemically sexist. Men are disproportionately imprisoned. About 93.2% of inmates in America’s prison system are men, while only 6.8% are women. This troubling statistic exists despite the fact that men make up only 49.2% of the US population.

In an effort to increase prison diversity, California’s San Quentin State Prison has vowed to take real comprehensive action to address the prison gender gap. In order to improve diversity and to be more inclusive, 86% of male prisoners at San Quentin will be released on Friday. Of the 2,650 inmates being released, are Scott Peterson and notorious serial killer Charles Ng.

Charles Manson and Nigh Stalker killer Richard Ramirez were also placed on the list of prisoners to be released, even though they died back in 2017 and 2013, respectively. Prison officials dismissed the mishap as “clerical errors” and apologized for any confusion.

Until more women killers are identified and imprisoned, in order to meet gender quotas, even more male prisoners are expected to be released. California Governor Gavin Newsom applauded the convict-and-release policy, and called on other prisons across the country to do the same. “Equity is the call of this moment. We here in California will always strive to lead the nation in diversity”.


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